Life is all about hoping,laughing,cheating and forgiving

{August 25, 2006}   New vision

  Within a week, so many changes took place,nth to mention besides the “break-up” of meimei and andre. Felt so sorry about that,the fucking fat guy was so unrespectful to meimei,he treated her like what?? U cannot believe it,man,it’s just the same as wad i had been conselled before.hah,dat’s funny,but anyways,this won’t break anything between them,oppositely,their believes became stronger and stronger. I deeply believe that this couple will be together for the entire life!!!

  What more is dat i promise to help two of the sl learning project groups.omg,i regreting now. Yes, the sep holiday is long,but seems dat my schedule has been already made. My weather research,eng media project,revision for test,homework,service learning and helping out.these are things i must do,nevertheless,there are still more dat i haven’t counted. So now,if u go through,u will definitely feel 10days is just a gust dat blows over.

  However,i still expect the coming of the holiday,dunno if i can have any sweet dating during the time or not.but so far,i didn’t see any of the chances.hehe,nvm,life is unpredictable,i shall believe in myself to have such a good luck and beauty,ahah,so egoastic.


{August 3, 2006}   once again

5fb62b8c-74b4-4843-80fa-19e42ea8e9060.jpgjust a month before,i was held in his arms and felt his heart beat every second,but as i left him,our distance became further,and finally he made the decision which nearly killed me in the past few days.when the moment he said to break up,my tears were down,dat’s different from last time’s,it could not stop until i picked up the knife wanna to end my life.heh,i was really out of mind dat time,as if the world is nothing without him.but when i look back,wad’s the truth?he is nothing actually.i admit i love him as deep as the sea,but all these were not worth to continue any more since he gone.

however,i cannot forgive him cos yet he didn’t give me any reasons.this confused me and made me really upset,once again,i lost my love,dunno whether this is the last time or not……

life still needs on…..i won’t drown myself in tears once again,i swear……

{July 29, 2006}   thinking about success

1. keep quiet if the guy better than u
2. secretly ask him for the info
3. go out and smoke people with what u know
4. when it works, they will consult you next time
5. it makes you get high position
6. if you dun smoke them, you will forever stayy in your low post until you retire
7. if they consult you until you dunno, you make sure your right-hand man with you, then you say i’m training him he will tell you everything
8. i must not tell you any more of the trade secrets

these are from my’s so amazing dat he knew the trade secrets at such a young age.nowadays,children’s mind grow faster than my generation la

{July 29, 2006}   dumb

no energy to refute already,i’ve worn out since i heard those words from her……are there really so many chinese girls dislking me?and they are just faking to be kind?but luwei,xinlu,jingxin are true friends rite?or they also have prejudice about me in some degree……do i have serious personal problems? i dunt understand wad’s wrong to make friends with guys……well,it’s true dat i have many male friends,but in their eyes,they regard me as a buddy and wanna share their feelings with me……is dat meant im slut??wolao……dunno wad the three of them are thinking everyday.

to be sociable is not a wrong thing rite?cos at least i’ve never offended anyone in any issue.

to calm down,i only can tell myself dat the 3 of them are weirdoes.

{June 25, 2006}   im back

 haha,im back,everything is still,no changes except andre and meimei,err…okay,actually they are fine now,hehe,i hope dat andre can understand better about how to be a bf.anyway,i have to admit my change during holidays.I got a new bf,koby.hehe,whenever i think of him,my smile is on. he is my all now. for the past days,sweet memories dat he gave me are like our promise staying in my mind all the time. when the day he took me to the church and said he would love me forever and took care of me from then on,i have decided to use my whole life to love him. everything between us was like a miracle.remember the first we met,he got injured in his right arm,so i look after him once. from dat moment,i know i have fallen for him cos his eyes,hehe,they are lk the stars in the night.i cannot help staring at them and his smile also melts my heart.waw,how can i fall in love with him so fast?dat might not be the true love,but since the day he took me to the church,i surrender myself under his sincerity.i love him as long as he loves me.

i miss you koby

{May 28, 2006}   haiz

Y there are so many sorrys in his mind,y he still blames himself,i have forgiven him.Maybe he fears getting back together with me,but i dunt even expect dat. i just wanna put him in my heart,nothing else.To see him happy will be my greatest joy as long as i love him.I will never get him back from georgina,cos from the moment dat we broke up,i’d known dat to be together might not be a good thing.
As a bf,there are more ppl can do better than him,so i should accept others like wad he said.
or maybe i should enjoy being single forever,hehe,who knows.
and about meimei,she is very sad i guess,she didn’t reply,apparently she wanna silence.then i should give her this favour,let herself think about it first,and wadever the result is we must face it.andre might cry when he heard this,but dear,u must learn to be strong,the prob is not about u or her,it’s about love.If u two love each other deeply,this will happen soon or later.Actually u two never blamed anyone except urself,that u pull all the faults to urself just in case to avoid hurting each other,but the result is opposite as u thought-u two are in great despair.

To meimei:don’t be lk jiejie,keeping quiet and locking urself will only make u lose ur true love.Dont’ cheat urself and him,tell him wad u are thinking,dear,at least u won’t regret when u look back.Trust me,he loves u as much as jenkin loved me.and u love andre as deep as i love jenkin.

To andre:if u love her,surrender urself under her kindness,dunt go and do stupid things to kaihui.without her,u won’t know how crazily u love her

wadever happened has passed already.Now when i look back,i feel the two of us were so ridiculous.The misunderstandings made us down and lose a lot,today when he told the truth,i felt to cry,cos we were just the same:we wore a mask to fool the whole world even each other,but we failed to fool our heart in the end anyway.His tears caused the pain in my heart,why was i so stupid and why was i so timid?His love has never changed,so as mine,but why i gave up to trust him and myself.
Thanks to andre,without his courage,jen wouldn’t tell me his real thoughts and i will never see thru my heart-from the beginning,i have fallen for this guy and this pure love will last for the whole life wadever happens between us.
all the tears are worthy,if we really love each other
i hope dat is not a dream……

{May 15, 2006}   Oo

hehe,this blog was also found out by you at last.U r so pro.i am wondering even Bush's blog can be found out by u someday.haha,err…a new couple came out today,(actually they started long tym before),they r R&K,haha,so cute they r together,no one can be as perfect as they can le,hahahahaha.

"le",lol,it remained today's chinese paper,wad the hell,i have learnt chinese for 15yrs,but i dunno wad the writer wanna tell us.haiz……how to do??sud lol………….

Since i left my sweet home,it has been 8 months. Looking back through all the things,i have experienced a lot,have to say,it's worth for me to treasure wadever used to make me happy or sad, because i really learned from all these,and i understood better of love and friends. I never expected i could have so many friends.every one of them is kind and frank,i appreciate their attitude to life and study,the same as me,haha,and i indeed treasure them. Among those friends,i am extremly close to meimei and ji,hehe,they are my hope of love,without them,i might give up to believe anything and lose all trusts in ppl. Thanks for their cares when i broke up with jen,thanks for god that allow true love stays on them forever.Carry on,ji and my dear meimei,you are the best couple i've seen,u can make it!

Today is one of my friends' birthday,when she told me this,a shame came to me. While i am loving all friends here,i lose them. No wonder they seldom contact with me.I think i made them disappointed and down.i won't do this again and make you down. You are part of my memories that will affect my whole life,and you are the ppl i've never forgotten.May 31th,i will go back to my home,i was lk a tired bird that gonna stick in its nest. I will miss all of you,esp ji and meimei.and i am sympathetic about ji,meimei probably gonna leave too,he has to face his loneliness for a long time,but dunt be sad,i believe she will go online everyday to greet u this evil chicken,so as me,hahahahah

{May 8, 2006}   err…

err….i have to say,andre's chinese is not as good as i as fiona's.they both came from chinese schs,but they didn't look lk their students. haiz,u should put more effort ya,ji…dunt listen those "ghost voice",choose some chinese songs is good for ur chinese.hehe.

holiday sometimes is terrible,lk everyday i am slack,although exams are coming,still dunt feel lk studying,wad's my problem,cannot use free time properly. Look at some of my friends,lol,life for them is studying ONLY,they even forgot to eat just cos of one physics question,i've never been lk them,that's crazy,man.heehee,however,i still got some of my buddies slacked lk me,even they stayed in the library,they were sleeping,haha,not you ,andre,i am saying jiajun,hah

et cetera